A Plan For Action

I serve as a co-Internal Coordinator for our school’s Middle States Accreditation For Growth (AFG) accreditation process. AFG requires participating schools to select two or three measurable objectives focused on student achievement. The school must then conduct surveys, design a seven year implementation plan for each goal, and design measurement instruments (if necessary).

We selected two goals. One goal is focused on improving and accelerating our school to career options for our students (i.e. providing service learning opportunities, designing a CAD program, internships, externships, etc.) Our second goal (and the subsequent plan of implementation) can be viewed here.

Alan November and Will Richardson (they are co-teaching a class for our doctoral cohort) say that we need to do these things now; our students cannot afford to wait for us to be proactive. However, as many of us know, we deal with unions, personalities, egos, and committees that can either derail or support our initiatives. True, I could have forced a two year implementation plan down the throats of the faculty – but would I have been derailed? I think we know that answer.

I would appreciate any thoughts about the plan.


Author: Michael Parent, Ed.D

Father, husband, school administrator in NJ. "Education cures poverty".

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