Why Governments and Microsoft Suck… The Life Out of Progress

Unbelievable. Read it and weep. This BBC report will detail how the OLPC program is in jeopardy in Nigeria due to government meddling. You won’t believe that government is actually saying that they don’t necessarily see the value in the OLPC program. Furthermore, one can infer from the article that Bill Gates wants a piece of the action – OLPC may have to start dealing with Microsoft if it wants to be successful. I think this relates directly to my post from November 26. To further drive home my point about economics, please visit this posting and the discussion that has ensued.

I suppose that my fundamental belief in the virtue of charity and that all children should have equal access to the wealth of information is blinding the technical arguments against the XO. I also suppose my disdain for all things Microsoft (simple because I loathe the OS and love Unix and Linux) also colors my view of Bill Gates and his Intel cronies. Regardless, your take on the OLPC project will boil down to one point: the project is attempting to further flatten the world. I don’t care what OS the third world is given, as long as they are given equal access to the riches and wealth that we enjoy.

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Author: Michael Parent, Ed.D

Father, husband, school administrator in NJ. "Education cures poverty".

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