About Me

I am a veteran high school administrator who has served as an educator since 1997. Before serving as the principal of PCTI, I was the Principal of Dumont High School from 2008-2012 and the Assistant Principal from 2005-2008.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from William Paterson University, a Master’s degree in Administration & Supervision from Montclair State University, and a Doctorate in Education Leadership, Management, and Policy from Seton Hall University.

Before perusing my portfolio, it is important that you know just a few of my central beliefs that guide my professional activities:

  • Without a safe, orderly, positive, innovative and supportive culture, nothing will improve regardless of how much money you have or how many guru-designed programs you purchase.
  • Education cures poverty.
  • Learning is necessarily messy.
  • Most of the needed changes in education systems do not require training, pilots, or extensive committee review prior to adoption or implementation.
  • The discomfort adults have with change should never impede improvement or innovation.
  • Standards-based assessment and grading is the way student learning should be evaluated.
  • I am more concerned that students learn and demonstrate responsibility, accountability, self-discipline, and self-respect than I am that they master Algebra, Chemistry, or an MLA formatted research paper.
  • Education research is useful, not infallible.
  • No teacher became one because they had an insatiable thirst to give grades. 
  • The PARCC/NJSLA/ACT/ASVAB are good assessments.  What is done with the results is often bad.